A Look at the Most Common Types of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is used in many industries for a variety of applications. Various types of metal fabrication are available to suit the various needs. When searching to find metal fabrication near me portland or, keep in mind the different types of fabrication, their benefits, and other details to choose the best option for your needs.


Metal fabrication cutting is offered when you need smaller pieces to accommodate your needs. Many types of cutting services are available. Lasers, saws, and plasma torches are all used for cutting.


Punching involves using a die to create a scissor effect on a piece of material so that another piece of meal or an item fits inside. There are many parts that may need punching service. It’s a very commonly used service.


Stamping and punching are very similar type of metal fabrication. The difference, however, is that a piece of metal that is tamped doesn’t have a hole removed.


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Machining is used when a piece of metal needs taken from another piece of material. The lathe is the most commonly used machining metal fabrication technique, although there are a few other options available.


Folding is another commonly used type of fabrication service that is used when parts need to be folded. There are many reasons why this need may arise and it is a service that is used in a wide range of applications. Rest assured the fabricators can fold the metal the way that you need it to be folded.

There are many types of metal fabrication that benefits businesses of all sizes and in many industries. The types listed here are among the many. No matter what type of products your business creates, metal fabrication is a worthwhile service.

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